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I seen these the other day on a cooking website and since then we have bought 2 bags (no not this size lol) Is anyone else out there a HUGE fan of Easter candy ? I don't think you can find better chocolate than at Easter time!!!! I am a HUGE fan of the Mini Eggs by Cadbury!!!! SOOOO I am going to play with them a little (which means eating lots of them on the side too) and see what I can make with them!!! Anyone else want to experiment with them and then send me a blog post about them to my email and I will post all of them!!!!!

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Justin Jacki Jaden Halli Ragen said...

I have steer clear of these little suckers. They are evil!! I made it last year without buying any and hoping to do the same this year. They are delicious, enjoy some for me. Good luck on your experimenting!!