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Spicy bbq steak!!!! (my wonderful Father in Law Gil)

Over the week of my birthday last year my in laws came up to stay for my little mans baptism. We had so much fun together and my wonderful Father In Law decided he was going to cook steaks for EVERYONE!!! ( I know awesome right?) So he made this recipe and we all couldn't get enough it was the most flavorful steak!!!!! Since then it is a staple recipe in our home! This recipe is a little spicy but it is sooo good you don't need A-1 or any dipping sauce!

The best part about steaks is they can be seasoned different for each person but if you or your hubby likes spice try this out for sure!

1 bottle of Stubbs brand BBQ sauce spicy style (this is my favorite bbq sauce I am not a huge fan of bbq sauce but this is by far more than just bbq sauce! I use it all the time on everything even on burgers!!)
season salt
garlic salt or real crushed garlic

So its this easy : sprinkle the seasonings over the steak on both sides. Then cover and put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes or until your ready to grill them. Then cover the steak with the bbq sauce and grill until at desired temperature. You can also grill onions and mushrooms or peppers andd serve with it!!! MMMMMMM my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Guess I know whats for dinner!!!

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