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PB & J pocket

I know its been awhile since I've put a recipe on for myself so I thought I'd share a quick an easy one that my kids love. Its not your typical peanut butter & jelly but its been a life saver since I 1st made these. My kids love pb&j's & of course I was out of bread without even realizing it, seems I live in the middle of nowhere I decided I'd break out my creative side & used what I did have which ended up being Pillsbury crescent rolls. So they got their pb&j's but it just wasn't quite what they were hoping for but they absolutely loved them!

1 package Crescent rolls

Peanut Butter


Preheat your oven to directions on crescent rolls. Form a pocket with the crescent rolls then cook for approximately 8-10mins so they are barely golden brown and spread on your desired amount of peanut butter (which melts if you put it on when they are still warm) finally drop a spoonful of jelly in. You do need a fork for these pb&j's but what kid doesn't love something new. I had my neighbors grand kids over playing one day when we had these & they thought they were so yummy & i was SUPER COOL (i swear it had nothing to do with me letting them jump from our tramp into the creek & mud! hehe) for making these yummy "treats" which is always a great thing when kids consider their lunch a treat. I hope you enjoy & don't forget to feel free to leave your comments. - Jackie

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