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Skor Cake

This is a cake of many names .... Skor cake, candy bar cake, better than_____ cake. But who cares its all the same cake right??? Lately Poke cakes are all the rave. Growing up my mom made poke cakes all the time. We had the lemon lime poke cake, a strawberry poke cake, and the skor cake. Now there are a ton of other poke cakes and I love it!! A lot of people probably have the skor poke cake recipe but I have had a few requests for it so here it is.

Skor Poke Cake:

1 chocolate cake mix (I have used milk chocolate, German chocolate, or Devils food cake)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 caramel (split up: 3/4 to mix with milk and 1/4 to put on top)
cool whip
skor or heath candy bar (chopped)

Make cake mix as directed on box. Cool 5 min and poke holes with bottom of wooden spoon or any object desired. Mix sweetened condensed milk with caramel and pour over cake while still warm. Refrigerate over night than top with 16 oz cool whip and skor or Heath candy bar. Drizzle with remaining caramel.

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