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I'm very pleased to be joining my sisters on this blog especially where it involves one of my closest friends. . . food! Any of you that know me well enough know that I love to cook, I am not so good with following directions and I tend to do things the hard way (when it comes to cooking that's no different) but, I guess that is the beauty of us blogging recipes so you can all learn from our mistakes right!?! Although Nikki & Rhonda are far better cooks than I am I think we each add a little something different to the life of cooking. So I hope you can bare with me through my attempts of blogging and please feel free to add your comments and help me learn a thing or two. So without boring you any longer I am going to share a few of the meals we've had at our household this week I hope you enjoy them as much as we have or can make them your own & share anything that might be able to help us (me especially [photo appropriate] ) all out!

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To Mans Heart & Womans Thighs said...

Don't let Jack fool ya...anyone that has tried her cooking will tell you she is a great cook!!! Cooking runs in our family so why not let them all help out on the blog right !!!