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Life and a Mix Off.

Holy cow it has been almost a whole month since I posted last. Life has been crazy busy! I help my mom and sisters do catering and also pies and rolls for people that order so Thanksgiving was crazy busy. We made over 1200 dozen rolls and around 500 pies. Plus My sons baseball team is fundraising for a once in a lifetime opportunity so I have been making cookie dough and selling it to try and raise his money. AM I CRAZY ??? I don't even think I need to answer that. ;)

I am in need of a new mixer and I have been looking at a whole bunch of different ones but don't know which way to go. I decided to borrow from family and have a mix off and see what one I like best THE BOSCH vs THE KITCHEN AID ??? I am mixing all kinds of doughs ...bread dough, cookie dough, cakes, brownies, pizza crust etc. and see what one I want. I mean its a big commitment. You test drive a car before you buy it so why not test out something I use just as much?!?! My husband bought me a kitchen aid over 10 years ago and I loved it BUT now mine has given up the ghost so its time to replace it.

Ok the test results are in....

I really think it is just a personal preference. I loved both mixers but I grew up with a Kitchen Aid so I think that is why I liked it more. I didn't think the Bosch mixed as well when using the dough hook it left a part on the middle piece that didn't get mixed in. However I loved how much more the Bosch holds but that is just because I have the smaller size. I didn't like how flour comes out of the kitchen aid when I am adding it to a recipe but they do sale a cover for that I just don't own one. Price is a big issue too because kitchen aid has all kinds of sizes so they have all kinds of price ranges where the Bosch doesn't. some Kitchen Aids don't have the head that lifts up so its not as convenient as the Bosch with its mixer in the bottom and you can add while its mixing. The Bosch I was using also had grease when I pulled the hooks off and then the dough would touch it and I would have to throw that dough away therefore wasting dough, but the Kitchen aid also would get grease on the dough if the dough climbed the hook. So I am no closer to figuring out which one is better.

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