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Avocado Egg Sandwich

How many of you have seen the baked eggs on pinterest?? Its amazing you can bake them instead of boiling them. SO EASY!!!! So we are not really huge on eating eggs. I know they are healthy for you and are a great source of protein but they are not our favorites. So how can you disguise an egg?? You make an avocado and egg sandwich :) I know it doesn't sound like the best combo but man if you just give it a try you will think differently!!! This is such an easy recipe I am almost embarrassed to post it but I couldn't not share it with you or I would feel selfish lol. Can you imagine how healthy this sandwich is???

3 boiled eggs
1 small avocado
1-2 TBS mayo
salt and pepper to taste
served on whole grain bread

Mash your egg and avocado. Add mayo and salt and pepper. Spread over bread. Serve. EASY PEASY RIGHT!!!

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