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California Turkey Club Wrap

Am I the only person who hates to cook when is it so hot outside, yet want to provide something good for my family? About a month ago I was at a big hospital for a Dr. appointment and had 4 kids proclaiming they were starving. I told them we could have a little snack from the cafeteria since it wasn't dinner time and we were waiting for dad to go eat. When we went down and were looking around I seen the special of the day was a Cali club wrap. Just seeing that made me all of the sudden starving but since we had to wait I asked really nicely if the kids would like to share 2 of these :) (killing two birds with one stone... the kids got a snack and I got a sample of this heavenly thing) YUMMM!! It didn't take long for me to start making these around the house.

Are you ready for this? Its so easy its like making a sandwich :)

Spinach tortillas
turkey (can use ham too)
provolone or swiss cheese
spinach or lettuce
cooked bacon
red onion
ranch or café rio cilantro dressing (either one works great)

Layer in a spinach tortilla as listed wrap up and serve :) perfection!!

Somehow I always get the worst looking tortilla and its mine I take a picture of...sorry!

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